Hostettler Winery and Farmhouse

From the Hostettler winery in Monteggio (Switzerland), Massimo and Joëlle invite you to taste our wines surrounded by a natural environment in front of a majestic landscape, which includes the highest mountain in Switzerland (Dufourspitze 4634 m) and the Verbano lake (179 m).

Besides proposing a stay in our holiday apartment, we also organise events in order you to have a good time in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

-               Our special offers            -

May 2019

We propose the following offer


  • 2 nights in our holiday apartment 
    (maximum 4 people) with free WiFi .
  • A visit to the Museum of the Gold Mine.
  • The "Miner" tasting menu (2 people meal)
    and then a visit to the old cellar.

Email reservations:  az.hostettler@sunrise.ch

Transport  service

Coming soon: after the AlpTransit tunnel opening, a lift from the station of

Ponte Tresa to our holiday apartment will be offered.

- 2019-          Holiday apartment

Beaming after the rewarding score of the past year, we will endeavor to live up also in 2019, always trying to improve, also helped by our guests!